Kinemaster Video Export Problem Fixed: 7 Ways

If you are facing problems while exporting videos after completing the editing method on KineMaster? If yes, then you don’t need to worry, because we will solve your problem. In this article, we will describe different ways that will solve the exporting problem easily. So, stay tuned with us, read the below section carefully, and apply all given steps one by one. Before starting, let’s check out KineMaster.

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What is the KineMaster App?

KineMaster video editor and video maker is developed and published by the “KineMaster, Video Editor Experts Group.” It was released on 26 December 2013 to elevate video editing to the next level for free. The KineMaster Video Editor Experts Group is a renowned Android developer company that has been active since 2013.

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KineMaster stands out as the premier choice for video creators and vloggers, offering an array of powerful features for editing, animation, and video production. With its editing capabilities, including video cutting, merging, photo insertion, music integration, and text captioning, KineMaster empowers users to craft stunning videos swiftly. Whether crafting vlogs, slideshows, video collages, or chroma key compositions.

Furthermore, the latest version of KineMaster now supports multiple languages, which makes it easy to use for users worldwide. With this update, everyone can customize the language settings according to their preferences, ensuring smooth navigation through the editing tools to create captivating videos. Don’t miss out! Grab KineMaster on your Android or iOS device now to boost your social media accounts with your creative videos.

Fix Kinemaster Video Export Problem

Check out the below steps apply one by one and export your videos in different formats to enhance your social media accounts.

Clear App Cache

App cache could be the main reason that does not allow users to export video after editing in their drive storage. You need to clear the app cache then it will work properly and allow you to save videos easily and quickly. To clear the app cache follow the below steps and take advantage of this stunning video editing application.

  • Open your devices like Android, iOS, PC, and more.
  • After this, go to the device settings.
  • Now, go to the application, choose the “KineMaster”, click on the “storage” option, and click on the “clear data” option.
  • The app cache has been cleared.
  • Now, open the app and start streaming.

Clear Background Running Apps

If your phone is running too many apps in the background, it might be slowing down. Try clearing some of them to free up resources for the Kinemaster mod apk to process videos smoothly. To resolve this issue, make sure to close any recent apps running in the background on your device. Once done, retry the exporting process. If the issue persists in the future, simply follow the same steps to clear background apps, and you should be good to go.

Export Video in Low Quality

Another reason that prevents users from exporting videos is insufficient device storage, especially when users aim to export high-quality edited videos. This issue arises when device storage is low. To resolve it, you need to clean your device storage by deleting unnecessary applications to free up space. Alternatively, you can click on the export button and choose a lower-quality resolution. After doing so, you can successfully save the video.

Force Stop and Restart App

To properly use the Kinemaster apk version, you should force-stop your phone and restart it. Here’s how: Go to your phone settings, then apps settings, and click on Kinemaster to force stop it. This action prevents Kinemaster from encountering issues such as exporting videos. After force-stopping the app, reopen it and check for any errors. If this method works for you, you should no longer encounter any issues.

Uninstall Old Version

When editors use the old version of this editing application on their devices to achieve a unique and professional look, they encounter numerous issues, with exporting videos being one of them. Therefore, uninstall the old version and download the new and latest mod version of this stunning application onto your devices. This will enable you to create professional and beautiful videos without encountering the same problems.

Reset or Power off Device

If any technical workaround still isn’t resolving the issue, try restarting your phone. Restarting your phone closes all apps running in the background, clearing the slate for Kinemaster to function properly again, it’s a simple yet effective trick. You can try this without needing to perform any complex technical tasks. Hopefully, restarting your phone will help you solve the problem.

Use a Different Version of KineMaster

If Kinemaster isn’t functioning on your smartphone, compatibility issues may be the cause. Begin by updating the Kinemaster app and your phone’s software via the Android or iOS app stores. If updating doesn’t resolve the issue, try using an older version of Kinemaster. You can accomplish this by manually downloading the previous version from a third-party app store.


How do I export a video from KineMaster?

  • Tap the “Share” icon on the right side of your screen.
  • Choose your export options.
  • Tap “Save as Video” and choose the quality.
  • Your saved video will show up on the right side of the screen.
  • Click the “Share” icon on the video to send it to other platforms.

What to do if KineMaster is not working?

First of all clear the device storage, update your version, clear the app cache, or restart your device.


In conclusion, if you’re encountering issues exporting edited videos, follow the steps outlined above. Each step is provided sequentially, and we believe they will help resolve your problem. Stay tuned with us for more articles on this website to discover additional beneficial information about this editing application. 

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